Need based training programmes are being organized as on campus and off campus training programme as free and paid mode of training.  The following the list of training programme is being organized for different stakeholders.

Training of Farmers and Farm Women including sponsored training programmes (On campus)

Area of Training
Crop Production
         Weed Management
         Resource Conservation Technologies
         Cropping Systems
         Crop Diversification
        Integrated Farming
         Micro Irrigation/Irrigation
         Seed production
         Nursery management
         Integrated Crop Management
         Soil and Water Conservation
         Integrated Nutrient Management
         Production of organic inputs
         Others ( SSI)
        Others (Farmers Day event)
 Vegetable Crops
         Production of low value and high volume crop
         Off-season vegetables
         Nursery raising
         Grading and standardization
         Protective cultivation
         Others (Precision Farming)
         Training and Pruning
        Layout and Management of Orchards
         Cultivation of Fruit
         Management of young plants/orchards
         Rejuvenation of old orchards
         Export potential fruits
         Micro irrigation systems of orchards
         Plant propagation techniques
 Ornamental Plants
         Nursery Management
         Propagation techniques of Ornamental Plants
 Plantation crops
         Production and Management technology
         Processing and value addition
 Tuber crops
         Production and Management technology
         Production and Management technology
         Processing and value addition
 Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
         Nursery management
         Production and management technology
       Soil Health and Fertility Management
         Soil fertility management
         Integrated water management
         Integrated nutrient management
         Micro nutrient deficiency in crops
        Soil and water testing
        Livestock Production and Management
         Dairy Management
         Poultry Management
         Animal Nutrition Management
         Animal Disease Management
         Feed and Fodder technology
         Others (Goat Rearing)
         Home Science/Women empowerment
         Household food security by kitchen gardening and nutrition gardening
         Gender mainstreaming through SHGs
         Storage loss minimization techniques
         Value addition
         Women empowerment
        Agril. Engineering
         Farm machinery and its maintenance
        Installation and maintenance of micro irrigation systems
         Repair and maintenance of farm machinery and implements
         Small scale processing and value addition
        Post Harvest Technology
         Others (Laser leveling)
        Plant Protection
         Integrated Pest Managempent
         Integrated Disease Management
         Bio-control of pests and diseases
        Production of Inputs at site
         Seed Production
         Planting material production
         Bio-fertilizer production
         Vermi-compost production
         Organic manures production
         Small tools and implements
         Mushroom production
         Apiculture (Honeybee)
         Capacity Building and Group Dynamics
         Leadership development
         Group dynamics
         Formation and Management of SHGs
         Mobilization of social capital
         Entrepreneurial development of farmers/youths
         Others (Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Act)
         Others (Web Casting PMs.)
         Integrated Farming Systems
         Production technologies Production technologies
         Others (Weather Advisory Services)