Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Front Line Demo

  • Demonstration on Paddy ADT 53 for Sornavari/Navarai seasons
  • Demonstration on Paddy VGD 1 for samba season
  • Demonstration on ICM for salinity tolerance
  • Demonstration on Samai ATL1
  • Demonstration of Bottle gourd PLR-2
  • Integrated pest and disease Management in Bhendi
  • IPDM in Bitter Gourd
  • Demonstration of Muskmelon ArkaSiri variety
  • Demonstration on pest and disease management in  Banana
  • Demonstration of Star Jasmine Co1 (Jasminum nitidum)
  • ICM in Jasmine – FPO (Vanmugil, Ellapuram block)
  • Demonstration on composite fodder   cultivation
  • Demonstration of NCOF Composting cultures for composting of biological waste
  • Demonstration on Auto cradle Incubator for poultry
  • Demonstration on TANUVAS ILFC Low cost Movable Dipping tank for Small ruminants