Farmer Advisory Services

Farmer Advisory Services

Regular and periodic field and diagnostic visits are being carried out based on the seasonal field problems.The visiting  farmers are advised with suitable recommendations  through their live plant, soil and water samples.Major location specific issues are advised through mass media, All India radio,Social media and dailies.

Mobile Advisory Services through mkisan portal

Bulk SMS services are provided through mkisan portal for the registered farmers. Information related on new technologies,weather based advisories,Pest and Disease problems, Soil health management,Varietal information, Cultural practices, Training and meeting information are posted through mkisan portal regularly

KVK Thiruvarur- WhatsApp group

To utilize the potential of whatsapp for quick problem solving,KVK created whatsapp group in the name of KVK Thiruvarur. The farmers in this group are encouraged to post the photos/ videos of their crop with disease/insect damage and other symptoms. The scientists of KVK used to address the problem immediately by giving suitable advisory services and shared the required informations.Marketing informations are also shared