Impact of KVK activities

Name of specific technology/skill transferred No. of participants % of adoption Change in income (Rs.)
BeforeĀ  (Rs./Unit) After (Rs./Unit)

Introduction of CO52 variety for Thaladi Season

Seed -16 Kg and one kg of pseudomonas

10 100 Rs.35000/acre Rs.50000/acre

Composite Fish Culture

Bottom feeder, middle and bottom feeder at the rate of 40:20:40 ratioandĀ  feed @ 2:1 for rice bran and oil cakes

40 75 Rs.75000 in 0.5 acre pond 150000 in 0.5 acre pond
  • Complete Mechanisation in Rice
  • Hiring out Transplanter, Power weeder and harvester
100 60 Rs.37000/acre Rs.45000/acre

Integrated pest management in paddy

  • Release of Trichocho cards
  • Setting up of sex pheromone traps
  • Installation of yellow sticky trap
  • Spraying of neem based formulations
75 46.66 Yield: 54.00q/ha

GR: Rs.83770

GC: Rs.33125

NR: Rs.50575

BCR: 2.53

Yield: 58.50q/ha

GR: Rs.90675

GC: Rs.30500

NR: Rs.60175

BCR: 2.97

Rice fallow pulses cultivation technologies

  • Use of higher seed rate i.e. 30kg/ha
  • Broadcasting of pulses seed 5-7 days before the harvest of paddy
  • Use of chain or belt type combined harvester
50 54.00 Yield: 5.63 q/ha

GR: Rs.33750

GC: Rs.15175

NR: Rs.18575

BCR: 2.23

Yield: 6.75 q/ha

GR: Rs.40500

GC: Rs.16075

NR: Rs.24425

BCR: 2.52

Integrated management of sucking pests in cotton

  • Spraying of Vertcilium lecanii
  • Installation of yellow sticky trap
  • Spraying of neem based formulations
  • Spraying of Fish oil Rosin Soap (FORS)
50 62.00 Yield: 48.75 q/ha

GR: Rs.268125

GC: Rs.87500

NR: Rs.180625

BCR: 3.06

Yield: 55 q/ha

GR: Rs.302500

GC: Rs.91250

NR: Rs.211250

BCR: 3.32

Introduction of flood tolerant samba variety CR 1009 Sub 1 125 65.6 Yield: 54.27 q/ha

GR: Rs.86835

GC: Rs.37096

NR: Rs.49742

BCR: 2.34

Yield: 60.05 q/ha

GR: Rs.96084

GC: Rs.34706

NR: Rs.96084

BCR: 2.77