SWOT Analysis of the District


  • Assured Channel Irrigation
  • Soil with high water holding capacity
  • Average land holdings of 1 acre
  • Marine eco system


  • Mono cropping
  • Susceptible to climate resiliance
  • Sea water intrusion
  • Clay soil with water logging nature.
  • Less thrashing floor and storage facilities.
  • Mind set of farmers not to go for alternate crop.
  • Shortage of labour.


  • Farm mechanization
  • More area under cotton, Oil seeds etc.
  • More area under vegetable and fruit crops.
  • More area under medicinal plants such as Vasambu.
  • More area under Bamboo and Sericulture
  • Contract farming in maize. Pulses and cotton cultivation.
  • Value addition in rice and pulses.


  • Recharging of Ground water table.
  • Rain water harvesting structures
  • Drainage system
  • Extraction of Rice bran oil from paddy husk.
  • Establishment of paper industry using paddy straw


  • Area Expansion under cotton, oil seeds and coconut.
  • Increasing production in cotton and oilseeds.
  • Restoring Soil Testing
  • Agricultural mechanization.


  • Creating awareness through campaigns
  • Imparting new technologies through trainings, exposure visits, study tours & kisan melas.
  • Conducting demonstrations.
  • Issue of soil health cards.
  • Promotion of Agri clinics.
  • Promotion of agricultural implements thro’ farmers interest Groups and TANWABE Groups.
  • Conducting farmer – scientists’ interactions periodically thro’ workshops and seminars.