• Conducting On Farm Testing (OFT) to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies in terms of location specific sustainable land use under various farming systems.
  • Organizing Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) to establish production potential of various crops and enterprises on the farmer’s field to generate production data and feedback information. Read more

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About KVK

  • The Krishi Vigyan Kendra– Tiruppur District & Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) – Coimbatore, Government of Tamilnadu, Welcomes you to the Official website with detailed information about our Departments and our official activities.
  • The Krishi Vigyan Kendra(KVK) sponsored by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India was established in Pongalur, Tiruppur District, Tamilnadu, India on 1st July 2019 with the major objective of Transfer of Technology in agriculture and allied fields. It is a multidisciplinary hub catering to the needs and aspirations of different farmers and stake holders from innovation to decision making process to adoption.
  • The Krishi Vigyan Kendrais a District Knowledge Resource Centre functioning under Tamil Nadu Agricultural University with sponsorship of ICAR at Pongalur, Tiruppur district.  The focus of the Kendra is to provide district specific technical backstopping to the stakeholders to bridge the yield gaps through various innovative transfers of technology interventions. The main aim is to increase the agriculture output and thereby improve the socio-economic level of Tiruppur District Agriculturists. The Kendra is implementing activities in different disciplines viz., Agronomy, Plant protection, Horticulture, Seed Technology, Agricultural Engineering, Social Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Home Science and Soil Science in form of technology assessment, refinements, demonstrations, trainings and entrepreneurs development programmes as per the mandates laid out by TNAU and ICAR
  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pongalur, Tiruppur is situated in the Palladam – Trichy National Highway (NH-81) at Pongalur village, Devanampalayam post, Palladam Taluk and zip code 641 667. It is 14 Kms away from Tiruppur town, its located at 10°58’N 77°23’E / 10.97°N 77.38°E.
  • Our KVK is one among the 14 KVKs of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University started in the year 2019 (01.07.2019) to cater the needs and solve the problems of farmers of both Tiruppur and Coimbatore Districts. It is spread in an area of 15.62 ha (05 acre ) of land adjoining to PAP canal system situated 2 km away from the Pongalur town on the road of Pongalur to Kangayam with existing infrastructure facilities, the farm has big storage godown in ground floor, threshing yard, three office rooms in first floor and five quarters (7 houses) in western end of the farm.
  • Further, around farm has boundary – wired fencing. electrical motors, pump house, bore well, Solar panel with motor, open well and etc.,
  • Also TNAU farm Pongalur has 143 nos. of live coconut trees (1ha) and live 165 nos. of Oil palm trees (1 ha). land available for cultivation of crops (6.5 ha) and agro forestry (1.2 ha).

KVK Sales

KVK Inputs sales -Queries Tmt. A. Manickavalli., PA(T).
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S.N Item Particulars Item Code Qty Rate (Rs.)
I Formulation (Micro nutrient mixtures)
Mango booster mb 1 kg No Stock
TNAU Maize Maximum mm 1 kg Against order
Banana booster bb 1 kg No Stock
Vegetables Micro Nutrient mixture (IIHR Veg Spl) nm 1 kg No Stock
TANUVAS Mineral Mixture tmm 1 kg No Stock
TNAU Groundnut Rich gr 1 kg
TNAU Sugarcane Booster sb 1 kg No Stock
TNAU Pulse wonder pw 1 kg
Coconut  Tonic ct Pkt No Stock
Coconut  Concentrate cc 1 lit 309
TNAU Cotton Plus cp 1 kg No Stock
II Bio Fungicides
Trichoderma viride tv 1 kg 168
Pseudomonas fluorescens pf 1 kg 168
III Organic manure (Pot culture media)
Vermi compost ver 1 kg 12
Cocopeat coc 1 kg No Stock
Coir pith compost coi 1 kg No Stock
IV Bio Agents
Earthworm ew 1 kg 300
Earthworm ew 1 kg 300
V Bio Fertilizers
Azolla az 1 kg No Stock
VI Bio Control Agents
Azospirillum 1 kg 60
Phospho Bactria 1 kg 60
VII Planting Materials
Moringa No Stock
VIII Vegetable Seed
Vegetable seed pocket (20 g each)
[Tomato COTH 3, chillies TNAU Hy  CO, Brinjal co-2, Amaranthus CO 1, Ridgegourd co-1, Bhendi COBh 1, Bottle gourd Co1 , Ash gourd Co1, Amaranthus PLR 1 & Co 1]
Vs 1 pkt No Stock
Vegetable seed kit  (5 kind of seed)
[Tomato PKM1, Bitter gourd C01, Pumpkin CO1, Ash gourd Co1, Amaranthus PLR 1, Chillies K1]
Vsk 1 pkt No Stock
XI TFL seed
Co 8 Green gram TFL 1 kg 92

KVK News

KVK Pongalur – Media coverage

Year Month Day Topic Mode Attachment


Lead Agency Project Title Role of KVK Date of Initiation Other collaborative Agency Duration (Years) Project Outlay (Lakh) Additional Manpower Used Progress achieved
ICAR KVK DAMU Agro Advisory Scheme 01.04.2020 State Department of Agriculture and Horticulture and other line departments 1 year 1.20 Yes On going
ICAR KVK Jal Sakti Abhiyan Kisan Mela 01.07.2019 State Department of Agriculture and Horticulture and other line departments 1 year 3 Nil 1 Kisan Mela Conducted on 06.08.2019 at Pongalur
ICAR KVK Environmental Awareness and Tree Plantation Tree plantation and create awareness 17.09.2019 Vanam Foundation 1 Day 0.10 Nil 1000 saplings distributed (Neem – Azardiracta indica , Rose wood – Dalbergia latifolia, Red sandels  – Petrocarpous santalinus, Pungam – Pongamea pennate, Casuarina exqusite folio), awareness programme conducted
ICAR KVK Fertilizer Application Awareness Programme Conduct Training programme 19.10.2019 State Department of Animal Husbandry 1 day 0.50 Nil Conducted on 19.10.19 at Kongu Kalaiyarangam, Avinashi.
ICAR KVK Foot Mouth Disease (Animal Husbandry) Conduct Training programme and Animal Health Camp 11.09.2019 State Department of Agriculture and Horticulture and other line departments and SPIC Ltd., 1 day 0.15 Nil Animal Health Camp Conducted on 11.09.19 at Anupatti, Karadivavi.
ICAR KVK Swatchaa Hi Seva (Swatch Bharath Abhiyan) Conduct Awareness & Training programmes, Campaigns 01.09.2019 State Department of Agriculture and Horticulture and other line departments and SPIC Ltd., 1 day 0.25 Nil Conducted from 11.09.19 to 02.10.19 at KVK premises Pongalur and near by villages.