• On-farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems
  • Organize Frontline Demonstrations to establish production potential of technologies on the farmers’ fields
  • Training of farmers to update their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies
  • Training of extension personnel to orient them in the frontier areas of technology development
  • To work as resource and knowledge centre of agricultural technology for supporting initiatives of public, private and voluntary sector for improving the agricultural economy of the district
  • Technologies assessed and refined for Tiruppur
  • Special Technologies promoted for Tiruppur
  • Successful Entrepreneurs Developed by KVK Pongalur

On Farm Trails

Sl. No Thematic Area Crop Technology To be Assessed 2020-21 Demos Beneficiaries
1 Crop Management Maize Assessment of the Nutrient Requirement with Different Fertilizer Recommendations in Maize 5 5
 2 Crop Production Greengram Performance of Green gram Variety 5 5
 3 Crop Production Tapioca Assessing the performance of  high yielding Tapioca variety suitable for Tiruppur district 5 5
 4 Plant Protection Coconut Assessment of  management modules against Coconut Rugose  Spiralling  Whitefly 5 5
 5 Organic Farming Composting Assessing the composting techniques 5 5
 6 Animal Component Animal Husbandry Assessment of feed additive for enhancing the milk yield and milk composition in cross breed dairy cattle 5 5
 7 Extension Extension Assessing the Effectiveness of e-Extension Methods  in terms of Knowledge Gain, Perception and Symbolic Adoption behaviour among the Rural Youth


(20 Number of Rural Youth)


 8 Home Science Moringa leaves Assessment of dehydration in Moringa leaves for suitable extruded product



Sl. No Thematic Area Crop Technology Assessed 2019-20 Demos Beneficiaries & Feedback
1 Plant Protection Coconut Assessment of Management Modules against Coconut Rugose Whitefly 5

The farmers practice of yellow sticky trap has a considerable effect  in attracting the pest.

The Isaria spray @7g / lit of water and second spray  after 15 days interval has also remarkable control over the pest, (however efficacy study to be carried out )

2 Crop Production Green gram Assess the performance of Green gram variety for higher productivity 5

Critical inputs were purchased  and beneficiaries selected

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, unable to mobiles the seed matrials

3 Crop Management Maize Assessing Nutrient Potential of residual plant nutrients & its effect on Maize yield 5 Continuing 2020-21
4 Organic Farming Assess the performance of Different Composting Cultures to enhance the composting process 5 Analytical and Computation work is in progress
5 Crop Protection Maize

Assessment of management modules against

Fall Army Worm in Maize

5 Farmers are satisfied with TNAU IPM module to control the pest on FAW
6 Extension Assessing the Effectiveness of Different Mobile Apps in terms of Knowledge Gain and Agro Advisory Services


(45 farmers)

Retail, whole sale price and processed commodity price may also be included in the mobile app.  Automatic Voice based interactive response system may be included in the mobile app