Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Front Line Demonstration:

Sl. No Title of FLD 2022-2023 No. of Trails Scientist In-charge
1 Demonstration of multicut fodder sorghum CSV 33MF for Vellore district 10 SMS(Agronomy)
2 Demonstration of organic cultivation of rice variety ADT 54 in Vellore district 10 SMS(Agronomy)
3 Demonstration of samai variety ATL 1 under organic farming 10 SMS(Agronomy)
4 Demonstration of castor hybrid YRCH 2 10 SMS(Agronomy)
5 Demonstration of ICM in groundnut. 10 SMS(Agronomy)
6 Demonstration on Paddy variety VGD 1 in  Vellore district 10 SMS(SS&AC)
7 Demonstration on Micronutrient management in Banana 10 SMS(SS&AC)
8 Demonstration of Salt Tolerant Rice Variety TRY 5 in Vellore district 10 SMS(SS&AC)
9 Demonstration on Integrated Nutrient Management in Tomato 10 SMS(SS&AC)
10 Demonstration on management package for thrips in Chilli 10 SMS(Plant  Protection)