Administrative Building

Administrative building

The KVK, Villupuram has well equipped infrastructure facilities for meeting the mandates of the centre. Salient features of such facilities are furnished below.

The administrative building was built in 2007 with the plinth area of 550 m. sq. It consists of two floors for various purpose like office administration, staff rooms, exhibition hall, training hall soil testing lab, etc., incorporated to meet the requirements of  KVK activities.


Training Hall

The first floor of the KVK building has the Training Hall and it is provided with well equipped media and comfortably seated 200 members.  On campus trainings, farmers meeting, Zonal Workshop, etc. are being conducted using this training hall.

Farmers Hostel

The farmers hostel was build in 2007 with the plinth area of 305 m. sq. The Farmers hostel will provide all boarding facilities. There are 8 rooms in the hostel in which each room provided with two/four cots. Rooms are spacious and ventilated. The total staying capacity of farmers hostel is 32 Nos.

Staff Quarters

The staff quarters were build in 2007 with the plinth area of 400 m. sq. The employees of the KVK are alloted residences within the KVK, campus with 24 hr water supply and electricity. The greenery and noise-free environment makes the campus, a place worth living.