Plant Health Diagnostic Lab

Plant Health diagnostic facility

The Plant Health Diagnostic Lab (PHDF) is a diagnostic facility funded by ICAR. The diagnostic services offered by the PHDF include identification of plant pathogens, stress-related disorders, and pests to improve the crop production of Villupuram District.

Key functions of PHDF include:

  • Diagnosis of crop disease and disorders
  • Identification of insect and mite problems
  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Active surveillance for emerging and exotic diseases

Automatic Weather station

Automatic weather Station (AWS) provides continuous automatic observations on basic Weather parameters like air temperature, humidity, soil moisture, dew point, sunlight intensity and rainfall. These parameters are the most crucial for monitoring agricultural production.
The AWS  is designed to measure atmospheric air temperature, humidity, rainfall, sunlight,  atmospheric pressure and soil moisture and complete data to central weather server through by Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture Real time AWS Data.