Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Front Line Demonstrations (FLD) 2021-2022

S. No. Title Number of farmers
1 Demonstration of VGD1 rice under organic cultivation 10
2 Demonstration of saline tolerant paddy TRY4 with ICM practices 10
3 Demonstration of management practices against paddy blast
4 Demonstration of wild animal repellent against wild boar in maize 5
5 Demonstration of cumbu CO 10 for higher productivity under rainfed condition 10
6 Demonstration of ragi variety ATL 1 for higher productivity under rainfed condition 10
7 Demonstration of kudhiraivali MDU 1 10
8 Demonstration of black gram variety CO 7 with ICM practices 10
9 Demonstration of black gram variety VBN 10 with ICM practices for reducing yield gap 10
10 Demonstration of TNAU sweet flag for the management of bruchid beetle under storage condition 10
11 Demonstration of cotton CO17 with ICM practices in Virudhunagar district 10
12 Demonstration of IPM practices against shoot and fruit borer of brinjal 5
13 Demonstration of Namakkal gold quail 5
14 Demonstration of TANUVAS 10 cent model fodder plot 10
15 Establishing a community kitchen garden at block level on nutri-sensitive agriculture and gardening 10
16 Demonstration of sapling transplanter to reduce drudgery in farm women 5
17 Demonstration of value added products from underutilized vegetable athalakai(Momordica cymbalaria 5
18 Demonstration of super grain bag to store pulses 10
19 Demonstrating the efficiency of whatsapp in dissemination of technologies related to pulse cultivation 250
20 Demonstration of the effectiveness of virtual training 40
21 Demonstrating the efficiency of “KVK on the move” (Block advisory meet) as a platform to reach the unreached farmers 200
22 Demonstration of the efficiency of utilising the college going sons/daughters of farmers as para extension agents 60