On Farm Trials

On Farm Trials (OFT) 2021-2022

S. No. Title Number of farmers
1 Demonstration of chemical weed control in black gram 5
2 Assessment of high yielding and YMV resistant greengram variety 5
3 Assessment of drought tolerance and high yielding groundnut varieties in rainfed areas 5
4 Assessment of foliar nutrition on yield of rainfed groundnut 5
5 Assessment of IDM technologies against major diseases of groundnut 5
6 Assessment of Integrated Pest Management technologies for cotton stem weevil(Pempherulus affinis) in Virudhunagar District 5
7 Assessment the effect of small ruminant mineral mixture on the production performance of goats 10
8 Assessment of TNAU paddy variety for suitability of variety rice preparation 5
9 Assessment the physico-chemical and sensorial quality characteristics of millet substituted icecream 5
10 Assessing the effectiveness of the different extension methods in terms of knowledge gain and adoption of cotton technologies for improving the productivity 120
11 Assessment of the effectiveness of opinion leaders in dissemination of technologies 75