Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Sl. No. Project No. and Title Project leaders Duration
1 UGC/CPPS/MDU/PAT/2014/R003

Exploiting genetic variability of Maize genotypes resistance to turcicum leaf blight disease under artificial epiphytotic conditions

Dr. K. Sethuraman, Professor

(Plant Pathology)

April 2013 – March 2016
2 DST/CPPS/MDU/PAT/2014/R004 Viscosinamide – producing Pseudomonas fluorescens strain for managing major fungal diseases of maize Dr.R.Radhajeyalakshmi

Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)

May 2014 –  May 2017
3 UGC Scheme

Biofortification of Zinc in maize using Mycorhizal Symbiosis

Dr.C.Bharathi,  Assistant Professor  (Soil Science) July 2012 – June 2015
4. CPBG/VGI/PBG/MAZ/2015/002

Collection, characterization and maintenance of maize germplasm

Dr.N. Kumari Vinodhana,

Asst. Prof.(PB&G)

April 2015 – March 2018