• Maize Research Station is the first research station exclusively for maize research in Tamil Nadu established on 16th March 2007 at Vagarai in Palani Taluk, Dindigul District. Maize Research Station focuses on the activities of maize research and extension by imparting training on maize production technologies to the farmers.
  • It is the sub centre for AICRP on maize from 2010.
  • The station is involved in evolving new high yielding hybrids suitable for irrigated and rain fed farming systems.
  • Seed to seed mechanization is followed at this station. As a part of it, the fields are equipped with semi permanent sprinkler irrigation system as a water saving measure. The maize cultivation is eased with one tractor with trailer; one power tiller with trailer; tractor drawn implements such as tiller, rotavator, seed cum fertilizer drill, bund former, ridger and broad bed furrow former.
  • The station holds well equipped laboratory to carryout soil and plant nutrient analysis, entomology and pathology experiments