• Fifteen acres of well laid out land is available for taking up experiments. Fields with soil types such as Red soil (Sandy loam) and black soil (Clay loam) of 6.0 acres and 9.0 acres, respectively are available for cultivation.
  • There are four borewells as source of water. A surface level reservoir of 2.72 lakh litres capacity is available for storing water.
  • Pipelines are laid to all the fields for irrigation.
  • Implements shed, tractor shed, Fertilizer Godown, Labourer’s resting room etc., are available in the farm.
  • A screen house is available for conducting experiments.
  • Farm is well laid out with roads all around the farm and in the middle so as to reach all the fields easily by tractor.
  • A farm pond is available at the lower end in an area of 20 cents for storing rain water for ground water recharge.
  • The farm is fenced all around to protect from livestock entering into the farm.