Milestone Achievements

Newly released hybrid VGI H1

  • The hybrid VGIH-1 (VaMH 12014 – 6938 kg/ha) with medium duration of 105 – 110 days is released for North Eastern Plain Zone IN AICRP during 2018.
  • It is a single cross derivative of UMI 1200 x VIM 357.
  • Medium maturity maize hybrid with Yellowish Orange bold grains of Semi flint type.
  • The hybrid was resistant to Curvularia Leaf Spot and moderately resistant to multiple diseases Maydis Leaf Blight, Turcicum Leaf Blight, Banded Leaf Sheath Blight, Charcoal Rot, Fusarium Stalk Rot and Bacterial Stalk Rot


Seed production of CO 6 is carried out and the seed is distributed to the farmers and research stations.