Technologies Developed


  • Cyclic lipopeptides (CLPs) with antibiotic, biosurfactant producing Fluorescent Pseudomonads were isolated and enumerated from maize rhizosphere.
  • The impact of flurorescent Pseudomonads strain (CLP) on the zoospores of Downy mildew pathogen of maize was studied by direct microscopy and encysted zoospores were observed and field experiments were conducted for the performance of Pf-VMD strain against fungal pathogens of maize.
  • Pf-VMD strains were found to be as effective as systemic fungicides in controlling leaf blight pathogens under field conditions in terms of systemic protection with growth promotion.
  • Trichogramma chilonis along with Chlorantraniliprole was found to be effective in reducing Stem borer infestation followed by Carbofuran 3G whorl application on 20th day after sowing.
  • Both in rainfed and irrigated conditions the stem borer Chilo partellus incidence was on par.