Environmental Sciences

About the Department

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University initiated the Environmental Biology programme during 1975 as an interdisciplinary course leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees under the Department of Biology. A separate Department of Environmental Sciences was created during 1990 and this department offers post graduate and doctoral programmes in Environmental Sciences. The Department of Environmental Sciences is interdisciplinary in nature wherein Scientists from the disciplines of Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Microbiology and Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry are working as a team to handle courses and research programmes related to current environmental issues.


  • To offer structured degree programmes in Environmental Sciences.
  • To develop technologies to mitigate environmental problems for sustainable agriculture
  • To develop scientific man power for assessing the environmental problems and to develop suitable remedies.
  • To provide periodical training on agro – waste recycling and techniques of organic farming.
  • To provide analytical and advisory services.
  • To develop strategies for conservation and restoration of biodiversity and the healthy resilience of natural ecosystem


  • Development of Bioremediation technologies for pollution abatement
  • Establishment of centre for culture collection for environmentally important microorganisms.
  • Establishment of National Environmental Referral Laboratory
  • Creation of Data base on Environmental Pollution and mitigation strategies pertaining to the State of Tamil Nadu

Overall Goal

  • To develop a strong academic programme and to impart education to the Masters and Doctoral Programmes in Environmental Science.
  • Integrated bioremediation approaches for remediation of polluted environment
  • Utilization of wastewater in crop production as a source of nutrients, organic matters and irrigation source
  • Inventory of Green house gases, trace gases and climate change mitigation strategies through carbon sequestration in agro ecosystem