Environmental Sciences Completed Projects

Externally Funded - Completed Projects

S.No. Project No. &Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Project Leaders
1. NRM / CBE / ENS / 11 /S.04

Bio-Processing of Gelatin Industry Solid Waste for Value Added Organic Manure Production

M/s. Pioneer gellies June 2011 – May 2013 Dr. P. Doraisamy,


2. NRM / CBE / ENS / 07 /S.04

Eco-friendly utilization of Seshayee paper mill effluent and solid wastes and monitoring its impact on soil and groundwater

M/s. Seshasayaee April 2007 – March 2014 Dr. P. Subramanian
3. NRM / CBE / ENS / 10 /S.04

Bioremediation of contaminated soils in different agro-ecological zones of Tamil Nadu

GoI-DST June 2010 – May 2013 Dr. S. Mahimairaja


4. NRM / CBE / ENS / 11 /S.06

Integrated remediation for improving and managing polluted soils and waters in Tirupur, Coimbatore, Erode, and Karur Districts

TN Government Oct., 2011- Dec., 2013 Dr. S. Mahimairaja
5. NRM / CBE / ENS / 11 /S.07

Studies on Ecomonitoring of the Land Application of Biomethanated Distillery Spentwash on Crop Production, Soil Health & Sustainable Environment”

M/s. Bannari Amman sugars Oct., 2011- Sept., 2014 Dr. P. Thangavel


6. NRM / CBE / ENS / 11 /S.08

Eco-monitoring the land application of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) water of Floral Extraction Industry on Soil, Crop and Water

M/s. Synthate Oct., 2011- Sept., 2013 Dr. K. Valliappan,
7. NRM / CBE / ENS / 12 /S.01

Standardization and value addition of IWMUST –Municipal Solid Waste Compost for its quality and effect on soil and crops

M/s. IWMUST April 2012 – March 2015 Dr. K. Valliappan


8. NRM / CBE / ENS / 11 /S.09

Strategic  Environmental Assessment of Cocoa Cultivation in Tamil Nadu

M/s. Cadbury Nov., 2011 – Oct., 2016 Dr. M. Maheswari,


9. NRM / CBE / ENS / 10 /S.02

Ecomonitoring on land application of treated tannery effluent with domestic wastewater for soil health and ground water quality

M/s. CETP, Dindugal Feb., 2010 – Dec., 2013 Dr. G. Balasubramanian


10. NRM / CBE / ENS / 11 /S.01

Bioprospecting Marine Actinomycetes for Therapeutic Enzymes

UGC Feb., 2011- Jan., 2014 Dr. P. Dhevagi


11. NRM / CBE / ENS / 12 /S.02

Surface modification of nano Zero-Valent Iron (nZVI) for improved reactivity and performance against ground water contaminants

UGC July 2012 – June 2015 Dr. M. Prasanthrajan
12. NRM / CBE /ENS /11 /S.02

Characterization of Wetland Ecosystem of Coimbatore District and Developing Management Strategies for sustainable soil health



Feb., 2011- Jan., 2014 Dr. A. Bharani
13. TNPL/NRM/CBE/ENS/2015/R008

Evaluation of long term effect of utilization of TNPL effluent water for irrigation and remediation of effluent irrigated soil habitat

M/s. TNPL Apr., 2015 – Mar., 2018 Dr. S. Avudainayagam & Dr. S. Paul Sebastian
14. SPBL/NRM/CBE/ENS/2014/R005

Ecofriendly utilization of Seshasayee paper mill effluent and solid wastes and monitoring its impact on soil and groundwater

M/s. SPBL Apr., 2014 – Mar., 2015 Dr.S. Avudainayagam


15. NRM/CBE/ENS/14 S.02

Evaluation of distillery wastewater for agriculture and its impact on environment

M/s. Amaravaty Apr., 2014 – Mar., 2017 Dr. M. P. Sugumaran
16. BASM/NRM/CBE/ENS/2014/R006

Studies on ecomonitoring of the land application of biomethanated distillery spentwash on quality of water, soil health, yield and produce quality of crops and sustainable environment

M/s. Bannari Amman sugars Oct., 2014 – Sept., 2017 Dr. R. Jayashree

& Dr. P. Kalaiselvi


17. SD/NRM/CBE/ENS/2014/R007

Assessing the long term impact of distillery effluent application on soil and crop and evaluation of alternative use of distillery effluent for crop production

M/s. Sakthi Sugars Sep., 2014 – Aug., 2018 Dr. P. Dhevagi &

Dr. K. Suganya,