Environmental Sciences Completed Schemes

Completed Projects

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01 NRM/CBE/ENS/14/001

Remediating dye and textile effluent contaminated soil through plant microbes interaction

Dr. R. Jayashree


Dr. P. Kalaiselvi

Dec., 2014 Nov., 2016
02 NRM/CBE/ENS/14/002

Assessing the climate change impact on greenhouse gases emission in rice ecosystem of Tamil Nadu

Dr. K. Boomiraj Oct., 2014 Sep., 2016
03 NRM/CBE/ENS/2015/004

Establishing green corridor along  the coastline of Cuddalore district for ecological preservation

Dr. M. P. Sugumaran June 2015 May 2018
04 NRM/CBE/ENS/2015/003

Evaluating the phytoremediation potential of aquatic plants in reed bed system for recycling of sewage water in agriculture

Dr. K. Suganya June 2015 May 2017
05 NRM/CBE/ENS/SUG/2015/002

Formulation of organic manure flakes from pressmud and yeast sludge

Dr. P.T. Ramesh July 2015 June 2017
06 NRM/CBE/ENS/SUG/2015/001

In-situ management of sugarcane trashes to enrich soil available nutrients for sustainability

Dr. J. Kannan June 2015 May 2017
07 NRM/MDU/ENS/2014/001

Assessment of heavy metal contamination in periyar main canal of Madurai District

Dr. G. Balasubramanian Oct., 2014 Sep., 2017
08 NRM/CBE/ENS/2017/001

Assessing the bioavailability, bioaccumulation and bioremediation of mercury in the contaminated soils and plants at Kodaikanal

 Dr.  S. Avudainayagam,

Dr. V. Davamani,


January 2017 December 2020
09 NRM/CBE/ENS/2014/002

Extraction of phosphorus (P) from municipal sewage sludge and developing commercial product for crop production – A feasibility study

Dr. S. Paul Sebastian Oct., 2014


Sep., 2016