Environmental Sciences Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

S.No. Project No. &Title of the Project Funding Agency Duration Budget (Rs. in Lakhs) Project Leaders
1. ITC/NRM/CBE/ENS/2014/R003

Effective utilization of treated effluent water and sludge generated from ITC factory

ITC Ltd, Karamadi 2014-2020 40.18 Prof. & Head, Dept. of Environmental Sciences & Dr. G. Balasubramanian
2. TNPL/NRM/CBE/ENS/2015/R008

Evaluation of long term effect of utilization of TNPL effluent water for irrigation and remediation of effluent irrigated soil habitat

TNPL, Karur 2015-2018 69.00 Prof. & Head, Dept. of Environmental Sciences &

Dr. P. Thangavel

3. DST/HCRI/PKM/ENS/2016/R004

Assessment on the utility of water hyacinth (Eichhorniacrassipes) biomass as potential bio-sorbent for sequestration of heavy metals from tannery effluent and desorption of chromium from bio-sorbent for effective reuse

DST-SERB-GOI 2016-2019 17.12 Dr. E. Parameswari,

Dr. S. Avudainayagam

Dr. V. Davamani

4. SPBL/NRM/CBE/ENS/2014/R005

Ecofriendly utilization of Seshasayee paper mill effluent and solid wastes and monitoring its impact on soil and groundwater

Seshasayee paper & Board Limited 2017- 2018 4.92 Professor  and Head(ENS) &

Dr. V. Davamani


5. DST/NRM/ALR/ENS/2017/R005

Preparation and development of adsorbent carbon and nano cellulose fibrils from Cocosnuciferaand its potential application in wastewater treatment system

SERC-DST 2017 – 2020 11.50 Dr. R. M. Jayabalakrishnan, Asst. Professor  (ENS), CRS, Aliyar.


6. ISRO/NRM/KKM/ENS/2012/D001

GOI-ISRO-GBP-ARFI project on “Assessing the Aerosol Radiative Forcing over India” (ARFI)



2008 – March 2021 7.60 Professor and Head, Dept of ENS

Dr. R. M. Jayabalakrishnan

Dr. K. Boomiraj,  Asst. Prof. (ENS)

AC&RI, Kudumiyanmalai

Professor and Head, HRS, TNAU, Ooty

7. ISRO/NRM/KKM/ENS/2014/D002

Establishment and Maintenance of Environmental Observatory at Wood House, HRS, Ooty for Atmospheric Trace gases Chemistry Transport Modeling (ATCTM)



2008  – March 2019 32.80 Professor and Head, Dept. of Env.Sciences,

Dr. R. M. Jayabalakrishnan

Asst. Prof. (ENS)

Dr. P. Dhevagi, Asso. Professor (ENS),

Associate Professor/

Professor and Head, HRS, TNAU, Ooty.

8. DST/NRM/CBE/ENS/2018/R011

Assessment on the potential of oil palm (Elaeisguineensis) plantations for carbon sequestration in different regions of Tamil Nadu



April 2018- March 2021


23.20 Dr. V. Davamani

Asst. Professor(ENS)

Dr. E. Parameswari

Asst. Professor(ENS)

Dr. M. Velmurugan,

Asst. Professor(Hort)