Environmental Sciences Ongoing Schemes

Ongoing Projects

S.No. Project No. & Title Project Leader (s) Duration
From To
01 NRM/CBE/ENS/2017/001

Assessing the bioavailability, bioaccumulation and bioremediation of mercury in the contaminated soils and plants at Kodaikanal

Dr.  S. Avudainayagam,

Professor &

Dr. V. Davamani.

Assistant Professor

Jan., 2017- Jan., 2020
02 NRM/CBE/ENS/REM/2017/002

Sustainable management of textile and tannery effluent contaminated soils using castor priming with AM fungi

Dr. P. Kalaiselvi Assistant Professor


Dr. M. K. Kalarani,



April 2017 April 2019

Extended Upto October 2019

03 NRM/CBE/ENS/BHM/2017/001 Studies on Bio accessible Heavy Metal From Raw and Cooked Rice Dr. P. Dhevagi

Associate Professor


March 2018 June 2019
04 NRM/CBE/ENS/2018/001

Developing a low cost biosorbent for heavy metal removal from polluted water

Dr. P. Dhevagi

Associate Professor


Jan., 2018 Dec., 2019
05  NRM/CBE/ENS/2018/002

Fate and transport of  pesticide residues in soil and water of predominant vegetable growing village of  Ottanchathiram

Dr. R. Jayasree

Assistant Professor

June 2018 May 2020
06  NRM/CBE/ENS/2018/003

Natural Adsorbents to remove  mercury from waste water in Coimbatore District

Dr. R. Sunitha

Assistant Professor

June 2018 May 2020
07 NRM/CBE/ENS/2018/004

Sustainable biogas production from sewage through bioaugmentation

Dr. M. Maheswari, Professor Sep., 2018 Aug., 2020
08 NRM/CBE/ENS/2019/001

Screening trees for Bio-silencing of Noise

Dr. M. P. Sugumaran,

Associate Professor

June 2019 May 2021
09 NRM/CBE/ENS/BGR/2019/001

Impact of tropospheric ozone on Blackgram

Dr. P. Dhevagi,

Associate Professor

Oct., 2019 Sep., 2021
10 NRM/CBE/ENS/2019/002

Rhizofiltration of micropollutants using vetiver

Dr. K. Sara Parwin Banu,


Oct., 2019 Oct., 2021
11 NRM/CBE/ENS/VEG/2019/001

Influence of “N” inhibitors on nitrous oxide emission under intensive tomato cultivation system

Dr. V. Davamani,

Assistant Professor

Sep., 2019 Aug., 2020

Venture capital Schemes

S.No. Project No. & Title Project Leader (s) Period
From To
01 V 60 HG Production of organic manures from the biodegradable wastes Dr. P. Kalaiselvi,

Assistant Professor&

Dr. M. P. Sugumaran

Associate Professor

April, 2019 March, 2020
02 V60AS Strengthening of Analytical and Advisory Unit Dr. M. Maheswari, Professor     &

Professor and Head (ENS)

April, 2018 March, 2019