Nano Technology Faculty

  • Dr.K.S. Subramanian
  • Director of Research and NABARD Chair Professor
Agricultural Nanotechnology
  • Dr.A.Lakshmanan
  • Professor and Head
Environmental Nanotechnology
  • S Marimuthu
  • Assistant Professor
Watershed, Drought management using nanotechnology, Allelochemicals and biofuel crops
  • Haripriya S
  • Assistant Professor
Nano food Encapsulation
  • Dr. K.Raja
  • Assistant Professor
Nano Seed Technology, Seed physiology, hybrid seed production
  • Sharmila Rahale C
  • Assistant Professor
Nano fertilizers
  • Dr. Pon. Sathya Moorthy, Ph.D
  • Assistant Professor
Physics- Biophysics & Crystallography
  • Dr. D. Jeya Sundara Sharmila
  • Assistant Professor
Physics - Biophysics