Nano Technology Ongoing Projects

Externally Funded Projects - Ongoing projects

  • Development of Nano-fibre based Nutrient Delivery to Achieve Balanced Nutrition for Groundnut. 2017-2020. Budget : 84.7 lakhs. PI: Dr. K. S. Subramanian Nano-based Smart Delivery of Agri-Inputs to Promote Pulses Productivity. 2017-2020. DST- Nano Mission . Budget : 164.0 lakhs. PI: Dr. Dr. K. S. Subramanian. Co-PIs : Dr. S. Marimuthu, Dr. K. Raja, Dr. M. Kannan, Dr. S. Haripriya; Dr. Pon. Sathya Moorthy; Dr. D. JeyaSundaraSharmila
  • Foliar Diagnostic Kit for On-Site Detection of Nitrogen and Moisture Status in Crops. 2019-2020. DST-Device Development Budget : 10.0 lakhs. PI: Dr. Dr. K. S. Subramanian. Co-PIs : Dr. S. Marimuthu, Dr. Pon. Sathya Moorthy; Dr. K.M. Sellemuthu.
  • Multi-layered encapsulation of 1MCP and hexanal as a smart delivery system to enhance the shelf-life of 2018 – 2020. DST-SERB . Budget: Rs. 19.2 lakhs. PI: Dr.S.Srivignesh, N-PDF
  • Flexible and adhesive surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy based nanostructures device for efficient detection of multicomponent pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. 2018 – 2023. DST – Ramalingaswamy Faculty Re-entry. 2018-2023. Budget: 113.60 lakhs. PI: Dr. S. Thirumalairajan.
  • Building resilience to climate change and improving food security- Climate forcing of Nano particles. 2017-2021: DST – BRIFS. Budget Rs. 56.0 lakhs. PI: Dr. A. Lakshmanan
  • Nano-encapsulation of plant growth promoting bacteria to improve shelf- 2017-2020. DST-SERB. Budget : Rs.34.0 lakhs. PI: Dr. Pon. Sathya Moorthy
  • Developing chitosan nano formulation as a safe preservative to Coconut copra to replace toxic sulphur fumigation. 2019 – 2021. Coconut Development Board. Budget : 14.0 lakhs. PI: A. Lakshmanan
  • Transforming Coconut Waste into High Value Carbon dots and Development of Nano based Technology for Disinfection of water. 2019 – 2021. Coconut Development Board. Budget : 13.0 lakhs. PI: Dr.S.K.Rajkishore