Nano Technology Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

  • Enhanced Freshness Formulation (Fruiti Fresh) for enhancing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Nano pellets and Stickers for enhancing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables

Research accomplishment

  • Nano-S fertilizer synthesized using aqueous precipitation method and effective in economizing S dose by 50% in sunflower
  • Eco-friendly banana fibre based nano film packaging extends the shelf-life of cut fruits and vegetables.
  • Nano-capsule for multi-nutrient delivery in maize has been developed
  • Biomass derived hydrogel for moisture conservation
  • Chitosan emulsion as an Anti-transpirant spray to mitigate drought
  • ZnO nano-particles improved vigour and viability of pulses seeds
  • Nano-capsule has been developed using mesoporous materials (nano-zeolite) fortified with multi-nutrients and tested in maize for achieving balanced crop nutrition
  • Nanotechnologies such as seed encapsulation with nano-fibre loaded with horomones, beneficial microbes (PPFM, Rhizobium, Pseudomonas) and nutrients have been tested in pulses
  • Computational screening of terpenoids (Annosquamosin derived from the seeds of custard apple) against cauliflower mosaic virus (CaMV) transmitting Myzus persicae stylet’s cuticular protein (MpsCu)
  • Cellulose based ecofriendly polymer cross linked with oxalic acid demonstrated increased sorption and desorption capacity when compared with various acrylamide based materials in market