Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

Soil health management technologies

  • Soil Test crop based Integrated Plant Nutrition System (STCR-IPNS) along with secondary and micronutrients for various crops and soils of Tamil Nadu for higher productivity, efficient nutrient use and profitability of farmers with sustained soil health
  • Soil physical and chemical constraints, their identification and alleviation
  • Use of DSSIFER and VDK computer softwares as smart tools for providing analytical and advisory services to farmers
  • Supply of TNAU micronutrient mixtures, nutriseed packs etc. 

SOTAC Laboratory

Pink pigmented facultative methylotroph (PPFM)

Methylobacterium, known as pink pigmented facultative methylotrophic bacteria play multifunctional positive role ranging from moisture stress mitigation by regulation of ethylene level in crop plants, seed germination to plant growth and development. This bioinoculant can be exclusively recommended for rainfed and dryland farming systems.

TNAU biominerlizer

TNAU biomineralizer is a microbial consortium which is developed to accelerate the composting process. The application of TNAU biomineralizer consortium will reduce the period of composting and facilitates the quick decomposition of the organic biodegradable wastes into nutrient rich compost. Crop residues involves the non-economic plant parts that are left in the field after harvest and also discarded during crop processing. Crop residue management through composting will reduce a portion of the cost spent on the purchase of chemical fertiliser for crop cultivation with the following the non-economic benefits viz., improving soil fertility and moisture, increasing soil stability, reduce the soil, air pollution and  eliminating the thrash burning issues that dooms the environment.

Fruity fresh

TNAU fruity fresh spray can delay the harvesty for two weeks in case of pre-harvest spray.
Post-harvest dip in 2% TNAU fruity fresh extends the shelf life of fruits by two weeks in ambient storage condition and upto 4 weeks under cold storage. 

RIICE Technology

  • TNAU-RIICE technology aims at reducing the vulnerability of small holder farmers engaged in rice production by crop insurance. In total 8,80,179 farmers were benefitted from the crop insurance and the payouts were to the tune of Rs. 2,769.15 crores, through RIICE technology.