Director's Desk

Seed Centre focus the vision of TNAU by accomplishing the stupendous task of seed production and seed research to meet the aspiration of our farmers with the cohesive team work of our scientists of TNAU seed production centres and the technical and supporting staff of Seed Centre. Seed Centre in monitoring all the seed production programme of colleges, research stations and KVKs of TNAU to cater the needs of the farmers in the respective regions. It also play a major role in increase the Seed Replacement Rate and maintaining seed supply chain in the state


  • Educate the students in seed science and seed quality regulations.
  • Engage in advanced and innovative research in seed science.
  • Entertain outreach activities.
  • Enhance production of quality seeds of crop varieties.
  • Ensure timely delivery of seeds to farmers.
  • Encourage institutional networking.


To produce quality seeds of a wide array of crops, ensure timely availability at the farm gate and improve Seed Replacement Rate so as to promote farm productivity as well as National food security.


  • Quality seed production and effective seed distribution network.
  • Capacity building in seed science and augmenting seed production hubs.
  • Orientation of research that commensurate with advancement.
  • Public – Private – People Partnership for technology development.

Present Director

Dr. S. Sundareswaran
(22.01.2019 onwards)

Previous Director

        Dr. P. Selvaraju
(01.07.2018 to 21.01.2019)

Previous Special Officers (Seeds)

Dr. A.S. Ponnuswamy
(27.10.2006 to 30.06.2009)

Dr. K. Ramamoorthy
(04.07.2009 to 07.11.2011
08.01.2013 to 31.03.2013)

Dr. M. Bhaskaran
(08.11.2011 to 06.01.2013 &
01.04.2013 to 29.02.2016)

Dr. P. Selvaraju
(01.03.2016 to 30.06.2018)