• Seed production, processing and storage techniques for agricultural, horticultural, forage and silvicultural crops.
  • Paddy seed upgradation using common salt solution (2 kg NaCl in 10 lit. of  water)  to remove floaters based on density.
  • Acid method of seed extraction in brinjal and tomato : Soaking fruit pulp in HCl @ 25 ml / kg for 30 min. with frequent stirring,  washing thoroughly with water and collection of settled seeds.
  • Delinting of cotton seeds with commercial sulphuric acid @ 100 ml / kg for
    2-3 min. followed by thorough washing and drying.
  • Tendril clipping in cowpea at alternate days to reduce vegetative growth and to induce flowering and pod set.
  • Storing groundnut pods in gunny bags with CaCl2 @ 250 g /30 kg of pods inside the plastic container extends the storability of pods.
  • Pre harvest sanitation spray with malathion 50 EC @ 0.05 % 3 – 5 days prior to harvest to control pulse beetle.
  • Keeping  bee hives @ 5 No./ ha for improving the seed set in sunflower.
  • Foliar spray of NAA 20ppm for vegetables and 40 ppm for cotton to reduce flower drop.
  • Seed pelleting with pelleting mixture or leaf powder @100 -200 g / kg of seeds to increase the size and shape of the seed suitable for mechanized sowing in all crops.
  • Seed coating with polymer @ 3 g dissolved in 5 ml of water / kg of seeds to enhance the field emergence in maize, pulses, cotton and vegetables.
  • Foliar spray with 2% DAP at the time of flower initiation and 15 days after first spray to improve seed set and seed size in all pulses.
  • Seed treatment with halogen mixture @ 3 g / kg of seed (CaOCl2 + CaCO3 + Arappu leaf powder @ 5:4:1 ratio) as a pre storage treatment.
  • Live seed separation in groundnut – soaking groundnut seeds in 0.5% CaCl2 for 6 hours and incubation in moist gunnies for overnight and collection of
    pre- germinated seeds for sowing.
  • Seed hardening to withstand drought condition :
  1. Soaking paddy seeds in equal volume of KCl 1%  solution for 16 hours
  2.  Soaking red gram and black gram seeds in 1/3rd volume of ZnSO4
    100 ppm solution for 3 hours
  3.  Soaking green gram seeds in 1/3rd volume of MnSO4 100ppm solution for 3 hours
  4. Soaking sorghum seeds in  600ml of KH2PO4 2 % solution for 10 hours
  5. Soaking maize seeds in  equal volume of KH2PO4 2 % solution for 8 hours
  6.  Soaking pearl millet seeds in 650ml of KCl 2 % solution for 10 hours
  7.  Soaking cotton seeds in equal volume of KCl  2 %  solution for 3 hours
  8.  Soaking sunflower seeds in equal volume of KNO3 2 % solution for 6 hours
  9.  Soaking ragi seeds in equal volume of CaCl2 0.5 % solution for 12 hours
  • Seed treatment with Carbendazim or bavistin @ 2 g / kg of seeds before storage – All crops.
  • Seed dormancy breaking and seed testing methods for popular tree species.
  • Seed testing methods for medicinal crops.