Ongoing Schemes



Project Number and title Period Name and Designation  the project Leader
1. NRM/CDR/SAC/SUG/2016/001

Assessing the effect of mechanization on soil compaction in sugarcane and developing suitable management strategies


November 2016 to December 2019 Dr. M. Jayachandran

Professor & Head,

SRS, Cuddalore


Dr. N. Chandra Sekaran

Professor (SS&AC), TNAU, Coimbatore

2. DCM/CDR/AGR/SUG/2017/001

Studies on the effect of herbicidal combinations on nut sedge management in Sugarcane

January 2017 to June 2019



Prof. (Agronomy)

3. DCM/CDR/AGR/SUG/2018/CP173

Effect of new generation herbicide molecules and its combination on management of creeper weeds in sugarcane

2019 to 2020 Dr. G. Manickam

Professor (Agronomy)


4. DCM/CDR/AGR/SUG/2017New (Theme: 7) Packages for organic sugarcane cultivation 2017 to 2018 Dr.M.Jayachandran, Professor and Head,

SRS, Cuddalore

5. DCM/CDR/AGR/SUG/2017/002

Integrated best management practices for resource conservation in sugarcane

November 2016  to November 2019 Dr.G.Manickam,

Prof. (Agronomy)

6. DCM/CDR/CRP/SUG/2018/CP174

Studies on organic and inorganic inoculants on post-harvest deterioration under manual and mechanical harvest

Dec 2018 to January 2020 Tmt. R. Anitha

Asst. Professor

(Crop Physiology)

Co- PI :

Dr. G. Gayathry

Asst. Professor

(Agrl. Micro)

7. NRM/CDR/AGM/SUG/2018/001. Studies on the standardization and storage stability of ready to serve fortified sugarcane juice using bio-preservatives January 2017 to January 2020 Dr. G. Gayathry

Asst. Professor

(Agrl. Micro.)

8. NRM/CDR/AGM/SUG/2019/New. In-situ decomposition of sugarcane trash and stubbles using biosolublizers and its impact on the yield of manually harvested cane ratoon cane. July 2019 to 2021 Dr. G. Gayathry

Asst. Professor

(Agrl. Micro.)

10. CPBG/ CDR/ PBG/ SUG/ 2017/ 001

Evaluation and identification of high sugar varieties with red rot resistance for Tamil Nadu

April 2017 to March 2020 Dr. M.Shanmuganathan,

Assistant Professor (PB&G)

11. CPPS/CDR/ENT/SUG/2019/New

Screening the sugarcane clones for their field resistance against endemic pests of Cuddalore region

·         February  2019 to

January 2021

Dr. S. Pasupathy

Professor (Ag. Ento.)

12. CPPS/CDR/ENT/SUG/2019/New

Surveillance of major insect pests of sugarcane in Cuddalore district

·         February 2019 to

·         January 2021

Dr. S. Pasupathy

Professor (Ag. Ento.)

13. CPPS/CDR/PAT/SUG/2017/001

Biosuppression of sugarcane sett rot disease and understanding the mechanism of suppression against Certocystis paradoxa.

June, 2017 to March 2020 Dr. V. Ravichandran

Assistant Professor (Plant Pathology)