Technologies Developed

Research Activities

Findings for adoption

  • Release of egg parasitoid – Trichogramma chilonis @ 2.5 cc ha-1 from 4th to 6th months at fortnightly interval along with installation of INB sex pheromone trap for mass trapping @ 20/ha and detrashing at 5th and 7th month effectively manages of internode borer incidence of sugarcane.
  • Soil drenching of imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 250 ml /ha in 1000 liters of water in root zone of affected cane effectively reduced white grub population to the tune of 94.59 per cent over control with higher cane yield (93.72 t/ha) and BC ration (2.5).

Findings of On-Farm Testing

  • Application of PE-Pendimethaline 1.0 kg a.i. / ha + intercropping with daincha + PoE metribuzin @0.75 kg a.i. ha-1 on 150 DAP in sugarcane recorded the growth and yield parameters viz., tiller population, plant height, number of internodes (24.2), cane girth and single cane weight maximum number of millable cane population (1,16,000 ha-1), lower weed density, weed dry matter production and higher weed control efficiency on 45  and 90 DAP. The same treatment also recorded the higher cane yield (132 t ha1) and B: C ratio (3.53).

 For Information

  • The P.E Atrazine @ 2.0 kg ha-1 + E.PoE Halosulfuron @ 75 g a.i/ha foliar applications minimizes the population of nutsedge with increased values of weed control efficiency. The same treatment also registered the maximum values of sugarcane crop indices and the economic outurns. Hence, this package may be advocated for nutsedge dominated sugarcane fields.
  • For controlling of binding weeds in sugarcane the P.E application of Atrazine @ 1.0 kg/ha followed by the Po.E metribuzin @ 0.75 kg/ha on 60 DAP significantly registered the maximum millable canes, Individual cane weight, CCS (%), cane and sugar yield in plant and ratoon crop of sugarcane. The enhanced B: C ratio was also attributed with this treatment.
  • Soil application of silica solublizer @ 12.5 kg + 50 kg FYM/ha + sett treatment with 0.5% K2SiO3 + 2.5% urea and potash foliar spray in 15 days interval from 60 to 150 DAP under drought stress situations significantly registered maximum values of varied physiological, growth, yield and quality parameters of sugarcane.
  • Sugarcane juice + Citrus lime extract + Lactocin and Sugarcane juice + Citrus lime extract + Nisin recorded the overall acceptability score of 98 % for CoC 24 and 97 % for C 29442.
  • High GABA producing LAB strains (LABPP 4: 201.34 mMl-1 and LABCA 5: 251.09 mMl-1) were screened and selected from sugarcane juice. Two Acetobacter strains (ABCA 1 and ABPP 2) and yeasts (YCA 3 and YPP2) are capable of forming Kombucha have been isolated from cashew apple juice and Palmyra fruit juice.