UGC Project Completion Report

42-112/2013 (SR) dt. 12.03.2013

Formulation of Probiotic Millet-fruit bar – C30CP

2013-2021 Click Here
F. No 5-7/2016/DRS-I(SAP-II)

Enterprising Mushroom Biotechnology for Food, Feed and Biomanure

2016-2020 Click Here
F. No 42-713 / 2013 (SR) dated 25.3.2013 Eco-friendly management of root rot disease in mulberry (Morus alba) through PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobateria) mediated resistance. 2013-2017 Click Here
F. No. 42-722/2013 (SR) dated 21.03.2013 Exploiting genetic variability of maize genotypes resistance to turcicum leaf blight disease under artificial epiphytotic condition 2013-2017 Click Here
F.No.42-750/2013(SR) dated 01.04.2013 Promoting Women Entreprenurship Through Gender
2013-2017 Click Here
Identification and characterization of pathogen associated with coconut nut rot disease and development of eco-friendly management strategies Click Here
F. No. 41-1216/2012 (SR) dt.25.07.2012 Infusing Microbial Consortia for Seed Quality Enhancement 2012-2015 Click Here