Special Officer ( Vigilance & Disciplinary Proceedings)

Special Officer (Vigilance & Disciplinary Proceedings)

O/o the Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore

Email : Vigilance @ tnau.ac.in

Phone : 0422 6611536


The post of Technical Officer, Disciplinary Proceedings has been created in TNAU in the year 2012 vide proceedings No. A2/4073/2012 dt. 21.12.2012 with a view to examine the complaints & petitions received on misconduct of staff, governance, discipline, fiscal irregularities, deviation of rules and regulations and violation of code of conduct etc., First time in the history of State Agricultural Universities, TNAU has established a separate cell manned by a Senior Faculty as Technical Officer (Disciplinary Proceedings).

Realizing the significance of such a post, TNAU considered to convert the post of Technical Officer, Disciplinary Proceedings in to as Special Officer, Vigilance & Disciplinary Proceedings (S.O V&DP) with effect from 16.07.2014 as per Proceedings No. A1/2554/2014/ dt. 14.07.2014 of the Registrar, TNAU, Coimbatore, since the number of disciplinary issues/legal cases have increased manifold. Law Section and RTI Unit has been attached to this Unit.

As a matter of Good Governance TNAU takes every effort to monitor the academic discipline of all the employees of University. Specifically fiscal discipline plays a pivotal role in Governance and hence thought of making structural changes in TNAU Administration by introducing a separate unit headed by a Special Officer shouldering the following duties and responsibilities:- 

Law Unit:

  • Monitoring court cases and contesting in all cases in all courts.
  • Engaging advocates, Processing documents and settlement of bills.
  • Implementation of Court Orders.
  • Scrutinizing MOU’s, Contracts, Agreements of TNAU.
  • Perusing all RTI Petitions and replies.
  • Replies to CM Cell petitions, PM cell petitions and Amma Call Centre.


1.     Law Officers  Th. S. Srinivasa Gupta
 Th.R. Paramasivam
2.     Asst. Law Officer  Th. R. Palanivelrajan
3.     Assistant  Th. C. Kanagaraj
4.     Record Clerk  Th. K. Sivakumar

Disciplinary Proceedings Unit:

  • Initiating and finalizing disciplinary proceedings against staff.
  • Forming Committees for enquiry and monitoring files referred to various committees.
  • Implementing final orders of Disciplinary Action Committee.


1.     Assistant  Th. A. Priestly Baskar
2.     Office Assistant  Tmt. T. Saraswathi