Centre for Innovations

Bioinformatics Centre of TNAU (SubDIC Centre) is playing major role in disseminating agricultural bioinformatics related information and computational resources to the scientists of agriculture and allied subjects in Tamil Nadu. Bioinformatics activity at TNAU dates back to 1989 with the inception of the Biotechnology Information System (BTIS) program of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. This centre provides access for computational resources like servers, workstation, commercial software, journals and online books besides providing high speed internet connectivity to the scientists of this center. This Centre also maintains in-house databases and software tools in a separate online server (URL: http://btistnau.in/). Resources maintained at this BTISNet are vital for successful completion of collaborative bioinformatics research projects like DBT-NER projects on whole genome and transcriptome sequencing of banana, scented rice and pigeon pea and many other externally funded projects. This centre played a tremendous role in disseminating bioinformatics knowledge to the scientist by conducting regular bioinformatics training for the past 30 years and organized 35 bioinformatics training programs since inception.