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More Crop Per Drop of Water - Save Water, Save Planet, Save Life

Water is the one of the prime regular assets and it is the fundamental requirement for every single living being on earth. Groundwater is one of the Nation’s most significant sustainable assets which are utilized for agriculture, industry, household and water system purposes everywhere throughout the world. Rain water being the prime source of water it should be conserved and managed for efficient utilization of ground water for its sustainability. Climate change issues are growing globally and water is often, the focus either too much or too little. Climate and hydrological cycle are tightly coupled and water is essential to ecosystems and society. But it is not the just the quantity of water matters but also its quality. A thorough understanding on the availability of surface water and ground water of a particular location, region and nation is highly important.

Water Technology Centre (WTC) at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) is one among the three such focuses in the nation which was set up during 1982 to take into account the necessities of the Southern local in connection to research, augmentation and instructing.  The Water Technology Centre envelops between disciplinary units viz., Agronomy, Agricultural Engineering, Environmental Science, Crop Physiology and Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry associated with creating bundle of practices in agriculture and allied sectors for enhancing the Water Use Efficiencies. A portion of the significant push zones given due acknowledgment are: trimming framework and water the board, smaller scale irrigation system and fertigation, watershed the executives, conjunctive use, water quality and waste water reusing, rural seepage and water arrangement. In addition, the Centre is taking care of State Government supported arrangement schemes, worldwide community oriented schemes, Government of India schemes, ICAR schemes and private office financed plans besides organizing National and International training and capacity building programmes.