Technologies Developed

Technologies Developed

  • Drip System Simulation Program (DSSP) – The decision support system developed in this work simulates emitter discharges in a subunit with tapered laterals and submains in non-uniform slopes. The software has been named as Drip System Simulation Program (DSSP).
  • System of Rice Intensification (SRI) – Development of efficient water management practices in agricultural crops especially in rice (System of Rice Intensification).
  • Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) – Water technology center collobrate with world bank to initiate the new water saving technology in sugarcane it is called Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI).
  • TNAU Precision farming techniques for wide spaced crops like coconut, Orchard tree and close Spaced crops like Sugarcane, Banana, Turmeric, Tapioca, Flowers and Vegetables were accomplished wherein water saving, yield and quality increase have been demonstrated.
  • Improved Production Technologies in less water consuming crops viz., cotton, maize, sunflower, coconut and pulses.
  • The basin wise and district wise analysis is carried out by the National Initiative on climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) project to find out the impact of climate change on groundwater quantity and quality. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of recharge structures in recharging ground water, a check dam was constructed at Vadichittur village of Coimbatore district.
  • Recharge bore well (Accelerated recharge technique) was recommended by the ICAR-AICRP on “Irrigation water management to increase the recharge in hard rock areas to recharge deeper aquifers and two check dams were constructed at Muthorai village, Ooty for Rs.9,60,000/- under ICAR-TSP to  develop the tribal farmers livelihoods. Benefited area is 26 ha. Around 44 farmers are benefited.

Drip fertigation

Drip fertigation in rice was successfully introduced by Water Technology Centre and this technology is further practiced in different agro climatic zones in Tamil Nadu, preferably in well-irrigated non command areas under cropping system approach.


DSSP Window-Softwares for Design of Drip Irrigation Systems DSSP

Recharge borewell in Vellore district

Check dam constructed at Muthorai tribal village, Ooty