Ongoing Schemes

S.No Name and Designation of the Scientist Project No. and Title Period
1. Dr. S. Sivakumar

Professor (PB&G)


Development of high yielding, long staple cotton varieties and hybrids for winter rainfed in Tamil Nadu



2. Dr. K. Sakthivel

Asst. Prof.  (PB&G)

CPBG/VPT/PBG/COT/2015/01 Development of Jassid resistant genotypes in Cotton (G. hirsutum) suitable for rainfed conditions of north western zone of Tamil Nadu. 2018-2021
3. Dr. S. Sivakumar

Professor (PB&G)

CPBG/VPT/PBG/MAZ/2016/001 Development of high yielding Single cross Maize Hybrids for Rainfed system in Tamil Nadu 2016-2019

Ongoing Annual schemes

  1. AICRP- VC /PBG/VPT/COT/002 Evaluation and utilization of cotton genotypes ( hirsutum) of AICRP entries under rainfed condition
  2. AICRP-VC/PBG/VPT/COT/001 Evaluation of Bt cotton BG-II hybrids and varieties (G. hirsutum) under rainfed condition