Crop Management

  • In cotton moisture conservation techniques involving coir pith application in the sub soil layer at 60 cm depth and spacing using coir pith applicator found to increase the soil moisture by 7-8%. Weeding operation with power weeder resulted in 90% labour saving and 60% cost saving (ICAR 50 Crore).
  • Drip fertigation of 100% RDF (120:60:60 NPK kg/ha) as water soluble fertilizer with liquid biofertilizer and humic acid resulted in yield increase of cotton over soil application in system approach (ICAR 50 Crore).
  • Application of 120:60:60 NPK kg/ha combined with foliar nutrition of 1% Mono-potassium phosphate or 1% Poly feed at 75th and 90th days registered higher seed cotton yield, lint yield, ginning out turn and net profit (Sub Project).
  • Minimum tillage with crop residue application @5 tons/ha and supplemental drip irrigation given three times during the crop growth period had significant effect on soil moisture content, plant height, yield attributes and yield of rainfed maize and cotton.
  • Broad Bed Furrow system with crop residue as a mulch@ 5 tons/ha registered higher soil moisture at different soil depth, Rainfall use efficiency, yield attributes and yield of rainfed maize and cotton in Vertisol.