Crop Protection

  • The bioformulation mixture containing fungal and bacterial antagonistic strains (Pseudomonas f1orescens+Bacillus subtilis+Trichoderma viridi) applied through seed (10g/kg) and soil (2.5kg/ha) was found to be effective in controlling damping off, wilt and root rot diseases of cotton and also recorded maximum seed cotton yield.
  • Based on field evaluation of different fungicides against cotton foliar diseases, the fungicide propiconazole was found to be very effective in controlling all foliar diseases (Alternaria blight, leaf spot, grey mildew and bacterial blight) and recorded the maximum seed cotton yield.
  • Seed treatment with fluorescens @ 10 g/kg +foliar spray @ 0.2 per cent on 50, 65, 80, 95, and 110 DAS gave better control of the foliar diseases and also registered the maximum yield of cotton.
  • Seed treatment (ST) with TNAU-PfI @ 10 g/kg seed +foliar spray of propiconazole (o0.1%) or ST with TNAU-PfI @ 10 g/kg seed + foliar spray of Tebuconazole (0.1%) at 40 DAS recorded the lowest PDI of leaf blight caused by maydis and maximum maize grain yield with the higher BC ratio.