• To increase productivity of cotton through high yielding varieties and hybrids and release of Extra Long Staple/ Long Staple cotton varieties with high fibre length and strength to spin yarns of high count.
  • To produce and supply good quality hybrid/ varieties cotton seeds to the farmers and impart training to the farmers on hybrid seed production.
  • To solve the various production constraints and to cope with an ever increasing demand of cotton in different sectors


The Research Station is located in the Attur- Perambalur road high way on 15 km from Perambalur town and 2 km from Veppanthattai bus stand.  It lies at 11032’N latitude and 78083’ E longitude and situated at an altitude of 149 m above mean sea level


Agro Climatic Zone                   :           North Western Zone

Maximum Temperature          :           34.80C

Minimum Temperature          :           22.60C

Mean annual rainfall               :           927mm

(Mean value 1901-2011- ACRC, TNAU, CBE).

Soil status

The soil is very deep, calcareous, clay, moderately well drained with slow permeability and low Hydraulic Conductivity.

Clay – 58.1-64.1%

Silt   – 14.4-19.6%

Sand – 18.0-26.3%

Soil Type : Black Cotton Soil (Peelamedu series/ Vertisol with  typic chromosterts)
Soil PH : 8.1 – 8.6 (moderately Alkaline and Non saline)
EC :


0.11 – 0.23 dSm-1
Organic carbon


3.7- 6.6g kg-1
Available N


: Low (120.0- 235.0 kg.ha-1)
Available P


: High (21.0- 34.0 kg. ha-1)
Available K : Medium (120.0- 368.0 kg. ha-1)


Bulk density : 1.41 to 1.53 Mgm-1


Water Holding Capacity : 41.2 to 52.3%