Institutional Development Plan

The Institutional Development Plan (IDP) is funded by ICAR under National Agricultural Higher Education Project(NAHEP). The Project is for three years with an overall budget of RS.3000 lakhs, of which, RS.2500 lakhs is under NAHEP and RS.500 lakhs is from state government. The outcome of the IDP is to improve the national and international outlook of agriculture graduates, the cognitive, conceptual, analytical, people, communication and organizing skills of students and to motivate them to become entrepreneurs. DABD is the nodal office for implementing IDP.

The Objectives of TNAU-IDP are

  • To improve learner centric environment by adopting innovative pedagogy and academic reforms
  • To promote student faculty diversity, competence, entrepreneurship, skill development and international outlook,
  • To enhance education management by leveraging technology and partnership.