Accommodation Facilities in various Hostels

S. No Hostel Additional facilities
1 Boys:

Vaigai Illam

Reading room in all hostels,

TV Hall in all hostels

Cloth drying yard

Hostel is equipped with mosquito protection by net/ windows

2 Thamirabharani Illam
3 Girls:

Bhavani Illam

4 Amaravathi Illam
5 Kaveri illam



Mess facility

Two Dining halls for boys and girls separately.


  • Wifi connectivity – 2 Mbps supplied to the hostels
  • Power supply generator (56.25KVA)

Hostel Amenities

All the hostels are provided with safe drinking water using Reverse Osmosis system, CCTV surveillance, biometric attendance, WiFi connectivity, day and night security, mosquito net fixed on hostel room windows, TV room, Guest rooms for parents, incinerator for sanitary water disposal, floor cleaning machine etc.,

Students Welfare Committee

Students Welfare Committee with the Dean, ADAC&RI as Chairman and Dean HC&RI(W) as  Co-Chairman meets once in six months to discuss the various issues related to hostel and students welfare. Issues and grievances are sorted in a democratic manner after discussing with the student representatives. A continuous feedback is in place to resolve issues as well as in deciding the mess menu.

Hostel connected activities

  1. Hostel day is celebrated once in every year
  2. Hostel best rooms been selected once every year and prizes awarded
  3. Games conducted for the students and hostel employees on the eve of hostel day