A completely furnished hostel is provided to each student. There are six hostels for UG student and a separate hostel (Vaigai) for PG students.

  • Boys -Mullai, Kurinji, Neithal and Vaigai.
  • Girls – Marutham and  Shenbagam

PG Students are provided with Reading room, TV Hall, Fitness room, Sick room, Guest room for parents for comfortable stay of both boys and girls separately.

  • Modernized kitchen and dining hall with all modern kitchen equipment with an outlay of Rs.
  • Students canteen established and being maintained by the UG students themselves.
  • Other amenities available are saloon, Cycle Repair Shop, Xerox center on their own

Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls in the campus provide comfortable stay. Accommodation services provided to the students by this college is as like a home away from home. Total number of students residing in boy’s hostel is 144, and that of Ladies Hostel is 207. The rooms are well furnished, with three and four occupancies. Hostels are located within the campus for better utilization of library, ground and other campus facilities. The hostel shall be under the control of the Chief Warden (Dean). Hostel administration shall be under the control of Warden and Deputy Wardens (Boys / Girls) for each hostel will take care of their respective hostels.