Crop Improvement

Sl.No. Variety


Year of release Parentage Duration (days) Season Characters Yield t/ha
1. TPS -1 1985 IR8/Kattisamba 110-115 Kannipoo Red bold rice suitable for direct & transplanted condition 5.0
2 TPS-2 1987 IR26/Co40 130-135 Kumbapoo White bold rice 5.0
3 TPS-3 1993 RP-31-49-2/LMN 135-140 Kumbapoo Short bold grain, White rice suitable for water logged condition 6.1
4 TPS-4 2006 TP29/ASD16 85-90 Kumbapoo Short bold grain, White rice suitable for direct seeding & for kannipoo season also 6.0
5 TPS-5 2014 ASD16/ ADT37 118-120 Kannipoo Short bold grain, White rice. Suitable for first season and late planting in second season 6.13

Crop management

  • Seed rate of 100 kg/ha and a fertilizer dose of 75:45:20 kg NPK/ha was found to be optimum for TPS 1 under semidry direct seeding.
  • Butachlor @ 2 kg/ha on 8th DAS is sufficient for weed control.
  • Plant population of 50 plants/m with 100:25:50 kg NPK/ha for medium and long duration varieties for Kanyakumari district.
  • Application of N @ 100 kg/ha in four equal splits for long duration varieties increased the grain yield.
  • Application of FYM @ 12.5 t/ha + Azospirillum + soil test level fertilizers increased the rice grain yield.
  • Application of 50% N as inorganic fertilizer and 25% through FYM or green manure and Azospirillum yielded higher grain yield besides saving of 50% inorganic fertilizer Nitrogen.
  • Application of 75% of STL base P2O5 as Super phosphate + green manure at 6.25 t/ha + Phosphobacteria yielded maximum grain yield as equal to 100% of chemical P2O5.
  • Application of FYM @ 12.5 t/ha + Azospirillum + ZnSo4 as basal and top dressing of 25% N on 25,45,60th DAT and 50% potassium on 35th and 55th
  • The cropping system of Rice-Rice-Bhendi registered the highest gross return of Rs.97,710/ha with a BC ratio of 1.93 as against Rs.63,288/ha with a BC ratio of 1.39 in the existing cropping system of Rice – Rice – Fallow.
  • Improved method of rice cultivation viz., line planting with two seedlings / hill coupled with recommended practice significantly recorded higher grain yield of 5552, 5789 kg/ha during Kharif and Rabi respectively.

Crop Protection

  • Spray application of Chlorantraniliprol @ 0.6 ml/l or soil application of Ferterra 10 kg/ha was effective for the management of yellow stem borer on rice.
  • Seed treatment with Pseudomonas fluorescens (Pf1) @ 10 g/kg + one foliar spray with Azoxystrobin  @ 0.2 at 50 per cent flowering for the management of sheath rot and grain discolouration.