Department of Vegetable Science

About Department

The Department of Vegetable Science was formed during the year 2018 in the Horticultural College and Research Institute for Women, Tiruchirappalli to carry out the vegetable research, education and extension. The department offers under graduate courses in vegetable breeding, applied and hi-tech vegetable cultivation, seed technology and agricultural engineering subjects to the students of B.Sc.(Hons.) Horticulture and B.Sc.(Hons.) Agriculture degree programmes.

The instructional farm in the campus has an orchard, nursery and protected structure. The department has a good germplasm collection of brinjal, bitter gourd, tomato and curry leaf for research and education purpose. The protected structure viz., poly houses, mist chamber and shade nets are available for hands on training for production of vegetables and planting materials to the students and farmers.



To teach courses on vegetable science in a comprehensive manner for under graduate students.


The department is involved in standardising the technology for salt tolerance in vegetable crops.

  • Collection, evaluation and conservation of germplasm in brinjal, tomato, chillies and bitter gourd
  • Development of variety / hybrid for salt tolerance in brinjal, tomato, chillies and bitter gourd
  • Standardisation of technology for cultivation of vegetable crops in sodic saline soils.
  • Grafting in brinjal using Solanum torvum
  • Standardisation of hi-tech cultivation of vegetable crops under protected cultivation.


Dissemination of the technologies developed for vegetable crops