Annual report (2018-19)

 Hybrid Rice Evaluation Centre, Gudaur


  • Evaluation and selection of TGMS lines suitable for the temperature regime of Tamil Nadu.
  • Purification and seed multiplication of TGMS lines.
  • Utilizing the promising TGMS lines for developing two line hybrids in rice
  • To screen the rice genotypes for blast resistance


  • The seed multiplication of stable TGMS lines TNAU60S, TNAU 45S, TNAU 19S and TNAU 95S seeds were produced and supplied to Coimbatore for hybrid seed production.

Table 1. Seminar/Trainings/Conference Organized during 2018-19

S.No Title of the Seminar/Training Sponsor Budget Period  (Duration ) Category of Participants Number of Participants

Table 2. Important Visitors to the station during 2018-19

S.No Date Name and Designation of the Visitor Country Purpose
1. 09.02.2018 CAFT trainees India To know about the development of two line rice breeding
2. 09.11.2018 CAFT trainees India


Table 3. Inputs Produced and Laboratory services provided by this centre during 2018-19

S.No Name of the Input Qty Value S.No Name of the Input Qty Value S.No Name of the Input Qty Value
I Nil                    

 Table 4.Seed Production by this centre  during 2018-19

  Breeder Seed   Foundation Seed Truthfully labeled seed
S.No Crop Qty Value S.No Crop Qty Value S.No Crop Qty Value
1. 1. Rice-Bharathi 1340 22000
2. 2. Rice – Co 52 120 3000

Table 5. Foreign Visits by the Scientists of the centre during 2018-19

S.No Date Name of the scientist Designation and Affiliation Place of Visit Purpose of Visit


Table 6. Patents filed /granted to this centre during 2018-19

S.No Name of the Innovation Scientist & Department Date Filing/Grant

 Table 7. Award received by the Scientists of this centres during 2018-19

S.No Date of Award Name of the Award Name of the Scientist and Designation Department / Unit Awarding Organization Cash Award/Plague/ Certificate*

 Table 8. Trainings/Conference attended by Scientists of  this centre during 2018-19

S. No Name of the Training/Conference  Name of the Scientist Date of the Event (From To) Organizers Host Institution & Place

 Table 9 Publications of the Scientists during 2018-19

S.No Category Publication Details* (in English) Publication Details* (in Tamil) NAAS Score Scopus/Web of Science Listing

 Table 10.  MoUs signed during 2018-19     

S. No. Name of the department Details of MoU – Title and Collaborating Agency Budget

(Rs. in lakh)

1. Nil  

 Table 11. Externally funded scheme obtained

S.No Title of the scheme PI CO-PI Funding agency Budget (Rs. in lakhs) Duration