Vijayanagaram Farm

  • Large scale production of biofertilizers viz., Azospirillum, Phosphobacteria, Rhizobium, VAM and Azotobacter, biocontrol agents ,Trichoderma viride, Beauveria bassiana,   Metarrhizium  anisopliaeVerticillium lecani,  Pseudomonas  fluorescens and  Paecilomyces lilacinus for distribution among the  farming community for sustainable production.
  • Maintenance of Germplasm of Orchids and Anthuriums
  • Farmers Advisory Service.

Woodhouse Farm

  • Research on Cutflower production technology
  • Research on Strawberry Cultivation
  • Research on medicinal and aromatic plants production technology
  • Maintenance of mother plants, from which the medicinal and aromatic planting materials are produced in large scale.
  • Germplasm collections of rare medicinal plants
  • Production of essential oils from aromatic plants viz., Rosemary, Thyme, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus
  • Temperate fruit orchard for Pear is being maintained and Peach , Plum , and Apple varities are collected and planted
  • Research on edible and medicinal mushroom production
  • Organic Tea cultivation
  • Medicinal Park comprising 350 species of medicinal and aromatic plants is being maintained.
  • Climatological observatory under ISRO for monitoring and Understanding aerosol Suspended Particulate Matter in High altitude locations for regional and climatic implications
  • Rainwater Harvesting , Soil conservation and Harnessing green energy by Solar power system

Seeds & Quality Planting materials production in Woodhouse Farm

Seed Production 

  • Seed production of Palak Ooty-1, Celery Ooty-1 and Chakravathy Keerai Ooty-1
  • Green manure crops Viz., Lupin and Buck wheat

 Quality Planting Materials Production

  • Production of planting materials Butter Pear Ooty-1, Rosemary Ooty-1, Thyme Ooty-1
  • Production of planting materials of medicinal plants