Front Line Demonstration (FLD)

Front line Demonstrations during 2023-24

Sl. No. Title of the FLD – 2023-24 Scientists incharge
1 Demonstration of organic paddy cultivation in traditional variety PC (Agron.)
2 Demonstration of dry seeding with ICM practices in Ramnad district PC (Agron.)
3 Demonstration of wet seeding with ICM practices in Ramanathapuram district PC (Agron.)
4 Demonstration of saline tolerant variety for coastal areas of Ramanathapuram district SMS (PBG)
5 Demonstration of rice variety (ADT 57) for semi-dry rice SMS (PBG)
6 Demonstration of Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria for Zinc nutrition in Rainfed rice SMS(SS&AC)
7 Demonstration of Nano urea for foliar application in rice SMS (SS & AC)
8 Demonstration of TNAU MN mixture for rainfed rice SMS (SS & AC)
9 Demonstration on IPM for Stem Borer and Leaf folder in Paddy SMS (PP)
10 Integrated Crop Management in Ragi under Rainfed condition SMS (SS&AC)
11 Demonstration of improved barnyard millet             (MDU 1) variety SMS (PBG)
12 Demonstration of Fodder sorghum (COFS 31) under Rainfed cultivation. SMS (Agrl. Ento)
13 Demonstration of Bio-repellant against wild animals SMS (PP)
14 Demonstration of mechanized seeding with Advanced irrigation systems (Rain hose irrigation) for optimum population and higher productivity in Ramnad district PC (Agron.)
15 Demonstration on IPDM in Groundnut SMS (PP)
16 Demonstration on IPDM in Black Gram SMS (PP)
17 Demonstration of cowpea variety (VBN 4) under coconut plantation SMS (PBG)
18 Demonstration of Musk melon variety Arka Siri for higher yield SMS (Hort.)
19 Demonstration of improved cultivation practices to enhance the yield of Mundu chilli (traditional land race of Ramnad) SMS (Hort.)