The National Pulses Research Centre under the aegis of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University was established in 1979 at Vamban in Pudukkottai district.  It is the lead centre for the research on pulses in the Tamil Nadu state.  This is one of the identified centres under All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP) on Pulses under Indian Council of Agricultural Research. It is the main centre for AICRP – MULLaRP (Mungbean, Urdbean, Lentil, Lathyrus, Rajma and Peas).  The station comprises of an area of 104.26 ha.  This station is located at 10036 N  latitude,  78090E longitude with an altitude of  93 MSL.  The soil type of this centre is red lateritic and acidic (pH 3.9-6.5). The average maximum temperature is 37.8o C and the minimum temperature is 20.7 o C with annual mean rainfall of 881 mm in 45 rainy days.  Since its inception, the centre has made significant progress in all spheres of pulses research to improve the yield, stability and food quality of the major pulse crops suited for the rainfed and less fertile soils in the state.  The centre is situated 12 km away from Pudukkottai on the Pudukkottai-Alangudi-Pattukkottai main road