Current Research Agenda


  • Collection, conservation and evaluation of location specific germplasm
  • Evaluation of new coconut hybrids of location specific cross


  • Evaluation of Tall x Tall coconut hybrids
  • Evaluation of Dwarf x Dwarf coconut hybrids in different agro climatic Conditions


  • Evaluation of nutrient management under coconut based cropping system
  • Integration of goat in coconut based cropping system
  • Performance of cocoa varieties/ hybrids as intercrop in coconut gardens
  • Studies on fertilizer (N & K) requirement and method of application to ECT coconut nursery
  • Studies on performance of popular varieties of banana as intercrop in coconut eco-system

 Plant Pathology

  • Survey and surveillance of coconut diseases in Tamil Nadu
  • Characterization of Ganoderma spp. associated with basal stem rot disease of coconut
  • Epidemiology and disease forecasting of basal stem rot
  • Management of coconut basal stem rot through biocontrol agents
  • Management of coconut basal stem rot through fungicides


Identification of new coconut hybrids, dwarf genotypes and local tall ecotypes for resistance against major coconut pests and diseases for the Eastern zone of Tamil Nadu