Centre for Post Harvest Technology

About Department

Centre for Post Harvest Technology is one of the constituent disciplines of Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. It was established as a multi-disciplinary research facility in April 2004. It started functioning with financial assistance from Canadian International Development Agency under McGill –CIDA-TNAU collaborative research project on “Consolidation of Food Security in South India “.The centre provides  infrastructural facilities for multidisciplinary post harvest and food process engineering programmes .

The centre plays a lead role in developing appropriate, need based and cost effective post-harvest technologies and dissemination of the outputs to the user groups for large scale adoption. The scientists research agenda includes Process engineering, food technology, Biochemistry, Entomology, Pathology, Microbiology, Horticulture and Agricultural Economics. With its resource, the centre makes an excellent facility for the food industry entrepreneurs and innovative firm managers. The center also has state of art food quality testing laboratory, which helps in process control testing and finished product testing.

Center for Post harvest technology has various facilities such as food processing pilot plant, Food Engineering Laboratory, Food Quality Testing Laboratory (NABL accredited), Pilot scale bakery unit and Grain and spice milling unit. The food processing pilot plant facility is utilized for commercial production besides acting as a Food Business Incubator in which more than 100 incubates have signed MoU to utilize the facility for their products preparation. The trainings offered in this department for every three months are preparation of bakery and confectionery products, Value added products from Jamun and noni fruits, Preparation of instant food mixes, Value added products from millets, Value added products from moringa and mushroom, commercial production of fruit and vegetable prodcuts, value added products from Amla and Preparation of spice powders and pickles. Food quality testing lab is provided with analytical techniques and testing methods of International standards in chemical and biological testing of Food and Agricultural products. Pilot plant bakery unit with a production capacity of 6,000 bread per day and other bakery products.

Trainings offered

Training Modules for Entrepreneurs

The following trainings are being offered by this centre. The exact date of the training will be regularly updated which can be obtained in the TNAU AGRIPORTAL LINK. The training is open to farmers, farm women; self-help groups, private and public enterprises, corporate and food processing entrepreneurs. The training is offered for two days. The training fee is Rs 1500/- plus 18% GST per person. The training programme comprises of skill training and demonstration of the various value added products.

S.No Title of the Programme
1. Preparation of bakery and confectionery product
2. Value added products from Jamun and Noni fruits
3. Preparation of Instant food mixes
4. Value added products from millets
5. Value added products from moringa and mushroom
6. Commercial production of fruits and vegetables
7. Value added products from amla
8. Preparation of Spice powders and pickles

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